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Rental conditions

The official rental period of the vehicles is from 07.00 am to 06:00 pm on weekdas and from 08.00 – 09.00 am on Saturdays. Before or after the official hours you should make an appointment and pay an extra fee of 3000,- Fts. In case of renting for more than 5 days or over 50 000- forint- rental fee the delivery of vehicles to residences and back to our office is free of charge within a distance of 70 kms. (Dunaújváros Dózsa György. st. 25/a) In case of renting for less than 5 days or less than 50 000 – forint- rental fee, we charge a fee of 120 HUF/km for the delivery to residence and back in Hungary.

Based on the above mentioned conditions our company can provide free delivery service to the following towns:

Car rentals in Székesfehérvár,Százhalombatta, Paks, Dunaföldvár, Solt, Dunaújváros, Siófok, Dabas, Érd,,Diósd, Bicske, Szigetszentmiklós, Kiskörös,Kalocsa, Tolna,Lajosmizse, Kunszentmiklós, Gárdony, Velence, Autókölcsönzés Enying, Simontornya, Budaörs, Diósd, Gyál,Vecsés,Sárbogárd, airport.

The following car rentals can be found in the neighbouring counties:
Fejér county, Pest County,Tolna county, Bács Kiskun county

Payment conditions:

The warranty should be transferred (one -day- rental fee for more than 3 days). It has to be paid at the beginning of the rental period.

Rental fee has to be paid at handover in cash, or via transfer received on the lender's bank account.

In case of permanent rental the payment should be made for a period of 14-30 days. In case of cash payment the invoice is given to the renter and the VAT is paid at the time of the delivery back, including the cost of possible damages and extra kilometers.

1.) The contracting parties agree that the lender owns the minibus and the small truck indicated in the contract.

2.) The contracting parties agree that the renter is obliged to pay the fee in advance as it is stated in the contract for the rental of the vehicle.

3.) According to the agreement if the renter defaults on the payment of the rental fee then the lender is unilaterally entitled to occupy the vehicle, or in the case if the vehicle is at the lender's park then the lender is entitled to hold it back.
The contracting parties agree that after signing the rental contract the renter pays 100.000,- HUF warranty to the lender for clearing the unpaid rental fee or the renter has other liabilities towards the lender. The deadline for the payment of warranty is the beginning of rental. After the expiry of the rental period, the warranty should be given back to the renter in the case it has not been used up for the above-mentioned purposes.

4.) The renter is to pay the whole restitution for the lender for damages of the vehicle occurred during the rental period in case the CASCO insurance does not refund the damages for some reason. Accordingly, the renter is responsible for the damages even if it was caused by a third party.

5.) The renter is entitled to have small failures of the vehicles repaired by himself in any professional technical service up to the value limit of 5.000 Ft and he is to confirm the repair by invoice issued to the name of the lender. The lender is entitled to make a decision regarding repairs over the value limit of 5.000 Ft.
While repairing the vehicle, the renter can claim neither for accommodation nor other costs from the lender. The lender only refunds the costs related to the repair. The lender is not liable to pay for other compensation.

6.) The renter should be aware of the fact that the vehicle has CASCO insurance of 100.000,- Fts. Furthermore the renter has to have minimum10% own part of the insurance. Considering this, in case of CASCO damage settlement, the renter is liable for the damage up to 100.000,- Fts and at a damage over 1.000.000,- HUF up to 10%.
The renter should be aware of the fact that if the insurance company does not refund the loss in case of theft, the renter is liable for the whole restitution.

7.) The renter should be aware of the fact that the market value of the vehicle is the value indicated in the contract.

8.) The renter should be aware of the fact that he is posteriorly also responsible for the traffic offences committed during the rental time.

9.) The lender makes a statement in the appendix whether the renter can leave the area of Hungary with the vehicle or not.

10.) The renter is obliged to inform the lender promptly in case of failure of the vehicle at either of the following phone numbers:
06-20/3508888 or 06-20/3508812

11.) In case of operation failure of the vehicle, the lender is obliged to provide the renter with an extra-vehicle. The replaced vehicle should be in the same condition as the original one. The lender sends the extra-vehicle to the renter’s place within 8 hours from the claim. (Considering this, the extra-vehicle gets to the place of the broken-down vehicle in a time- period needed for the ride + 8 hours, at the latest.)
The lender incurs an obligation that if he is unable to fulfil this liability then he pays back the rental fee for that day + 1 day for the renter.

12.) The contracting parties agree that if the operation failure of the rented vehicle results from the renter’s mistake, that is to say, he or she has crashed the car then the renter is liable to pay both for the rental fee of the rented vehicle and rental fee of the extra-vehicle also to the lender. The same term of payment is applied when the renter has caused the technical failure of the rented vehicle. ( incorrect driving and maintenance - oil change etc.)
The lender cannot always guarantee the same rental fee of the extra-vehicle, so it can happen that the extra-vehicle can be rented at a higher rental fee than the original. The renter incurs an obligation that in the above case - besides the rental fee of the vehicles - he refunds the cost of the ride.

13.) The renter is entitled to identify the driver of the particular vehicle but under the following condition: the renter is responsible for the damages caused by the driver. The renter is liable to ensure that the driver of the vehicle is appointed by him should comply with the rules of the above contract.
The lender retains the right that if the renter is not sure that the appointed driver can drive the vehicle safely, he can ask the renter to assign another driver. The renter incurs an obligation that he does not assign people under 21 for driving the car.

14.) The renter is liable to handle and use the vehicle carefully and keep up its state.

15.) The renter cannot lend or rent the car to another party, he can only assign the right of driving to his employees.

16.) It is not allowed to use the vehicle for towing!

17.) It is not allowed to assign people to drive under the influence of alcohol, medicine or drug!

18.) The lender hands over the vehicle to the renter with its assessories and with fully filled by lubricant and fuel, and the renter is liable to return the vehicle in the same condition and with the same assessories (tools, lifter)
In the case when oil-change is needed in the car, the lender is to be informed 500 kms prior to the time of the oil-change.
The next oil-change is fixed in the contract.

19.) If the renter intends to rent the vehicle for a longer time then he has to inform the lender in writing about his will three days prior to the expiration date of the rental contract, at the latest. The lender is not liable to prolong the rental contract.

20.) In case of accidents with personal injury or with damage to the property over 15.000,- Ft, the renter is liable to ask for constabulary measures – regardless the responsibility, and the official paper about the accident has to be shown to the lender. Constabulary measures shall be asked in every case abroad.

21.) The renter certifies by signing the contract that he has taken over the compulsory assessories of the vehicle, has checked the operation of the lights and he has taken the brake- test.

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