Airport Transfer

Reptéri transzfer

Airport Transfer service :

Dunaújváros- Budapest Ferihegy – Liszt Ferenc Airport , route ( prices cover a one-way trip)
for 1-3 people 90 EUR
for 4-5 people 120 EUR
for 6-8 people 140 EUR
Dunaújváros- Wien, Budapest- Wien, route ( prices cover a one-way trip)
for 1-3 people 225 EUR
for 4-5 people 260 EUR
for 6-8 people 280 EUR

Service order:

  • By telephone +36 20/350-8888 in working hours between 7am - 7 pm.
  • Sending order via e-mail ( or fax (25/498-360).
  • On-line on our website (
  • In our partner offices.

All received orders are acknowledged. On weekdays within 4 hours, on banking holidays and days off within 24 hours at the latest.

Incoming orders are acknowledged and fulfilled in order of arrival.

It is absolutely necessary to call the customer service if your planned journey is due in 72 hours. Only orders for journeys within 72 hours can be accepted - depending on the passengers' numbers - according to the existing orders.

2.The accurate time of departure is checked by telephone one day before travel between 3 and 4 pm. If the customer cannot be reached on the given number until 4 pm the day before travel, the customer bears all responsibility for the nuisances due to changes. If negotiation cannot be realized till the above time, it is absolutely neccessary for the customer to call 20/350-8888 to check details. The company has the right - following the incoming orders - to change your previously confirmed pick-up time into an earlier time with 1,5 hours, one day before the actual journey. Customers are informed by phone.

3.The order is modifiable free of charge in case it does not disturb any other existing order, or can be cancelled 72 hours before the planned travel time. In case your journey is cancelled within 72 hours, 50% off the fare will be invoiced.

4.If the return time is changed to another from the one agreed beforehand, the customer has to inform our customer service about the modification 24 hours in the earliest. In the case of such modification service may be provided only in a different time. If the granted time is not suitable for the customer and service is not required, 50% of the return journey is paid back.

5.When making reservation customers are asked to notify us in case they have more items of luggage than normal (2 bags/person) For special luggage request (if it is possible for us to ensure) it is necessary to pay an additional fee, which is 1500 HUF. (eg: pram, bike, dog, etc.) Dogs - smaller than 15kg - can only be transported in a cage, with a muzzle, under supervision.

6.The fees in our current price-list are valid in case of leaving from Dunaújváros. In case of different departure, we check the fee with the customer beforehand.

7.The average running time on a Dunaújváros-Budapest Ferihegy distance is 1,5-2 hours depending on road conditions and seasons. Departure time is defined on this basis. If there are more pick-up adresses, 10-15 minute shifts may occur, The route is defined in the function of the orders. We take no responsibility for arriving at the airport in time, if the departure time is delayed 30 minutes due to the customer’s delay.

8.Either to or from Budapest a maximum 1,5 hour waiting time may occur in case there are passengers arriving at the airport by aeroplanes following each other. If the car can no longer wait for the passengers being late for more than 1,5 hours, they will be informed about the departure time of our next car. In such cases, even more delay may be possible.

9.When you arrive at the airport the car driver holding our firm’s nameplate will wait for you on the arrival side in your terminal. As it is possible that several of our customers may arrive at the same time in the three different operating airport terminals (1, 2/A, 2/B), the driver may not be in your terminal the moment you arrive. In such cases, please, wait inside the lounge of your terminal until the driver arrives.

10.We take no responsibility for delay due to cases beyond our control (road repair, closed road because of accidents, other inconveniences). Extra safe routes have been defined to prevent cases like that.

11.For the ordered and paid service our company takes compensation responsibility for any harm due to our fault. If you have any complaints or problems with baggage handling or our service, please, tell the driver. All records are made in the minutes.

12.Our service can only be taken by fully accepting the above mentioned terms and conditions. Passengers accept the travel conditions by paying the fees and getting the invoice. Our colleague is responsible for making out the invoice proving the payment of fee.

13.Fees must be paid one day before departure time in the following ways:

  • With money transfer to Szentpáli és Tása BT account at Budapest Bank. The bank account number is 12072507-00174991-00100000
  • In our partner offices, in cash.
  • With debit card at our driver

14.Customers accept the travel conditions when applying for and ordering travel. By getting the payment justifying invoice and by signing the duplicate customers take notice of these conditions. In case of ordering our service for more persons, one single person makes a statement or a contract by giving his/her signature.